Scientific papers

Title Main Author Year Open access Journal link Repository link
Graphite superlubricity enabled by triboinduced nanocontacts Renato Buzio 2021 Green OA
IRA: A shape matching approach for recognition and comparison of generic atomic patterns Miha Gunde 2021 Green OA
Miniature magneto-optic angular position sensor Vedran Budinski 2022 Gold OA
Thermal Friction Enhancement in Zwitterionic Monolayers Melisa M. Gianetti 2022 Green OA
Moiré-pattern evolution couples rotational and translational friction at crystalline interfaces Xin Cao 2022 Green OA
Iterative Rotations and Assignments (IRA): a shape matching algorithm for atomic structures Nicolas Salles 2022 Gold OA
Critical Peeling of Tethered Nanoribbons Andrea Silva 2022 Green OA
Saturation magnetisation as an indicator of the disintegration of barium hexaferrite nanoplatelets during the surface functionalisation Darja Lisjak 2023 Gold OA