JSI and IP-ASCR at the 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference – Lisbon, 24th-29th July 2022

MAGNELIQ researchers from the  Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and from the  Jožef Stefan Institute met during ILCC2022 conference, which was held from 24th to 29th July in Lisbon.

From the left side: Alenka Mertelj (JSI), Natalia Podoliak (IP-ASCR), Nerea Sebastián Ugarteche (JSI), Vladimira Novotna (IP-ASCR), Tomas Landovsky (IP-ASCR), Sergei Stulov (IP-ASCR), Petra Vankatova (IP-ASCR) and Martin Cigl (IP-ASCR).